Hectic Week

It has been a very hectic week here at the site.  Earlier last week, I saw that this site was mentioned in the American Austin Bantam Club Newsletter.  I am very thankful for the lovely things the editors had to say about what I am trying to do here.  With the editorial, our traffic increased and I realized I need to organize the growing content to be more intuitive for new and returning users. 

If you are new to the site, or have gotten used to certain page placement please note the following change:  American Austin and Bantam content is migrating from the “eBay link” tab to the “community” tab.  I am working on condensing the offerings so you won’t have to click around as much and can book mark one main page rather than several.  To the new and old visitors alike, thank you for your support and keep coming back.

In other news, my new project has started arriving, one bit at a time.  This cut down American Austin body arrived today: 

hot rod, project, bantam

1933-4 American Austin Coupe cut down project car

At one time, this body was supposedly some kind of tame hot rod or show car.  If it indeed was a show car, it’s glory days in this incarnation have passed.  It has some bantam brake, suspension, and drive line components; which may be evidence of some hopping up.  Please watch for updates.


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