Farewell Norm

In 2019, the hammer fell on a very fresh looking 1938 American Bantam Roadster in Auburn, Indiana. The RM auction catalog described the car as being styled in a “[l]ovely two-tone color combination”. Missing from the listing was that the lime green insert recently replaced a cream insert. More glaringly absent was that this car was restored and owned by one of the preeminent members of the Austin and Bantam community, Norm Booth.

Many people in the clubs had the opportunity to meet Norm and become his friend over time. Being a rather newcomer living on the opposite coast, I only got to visit with Norm on the phone or through email however I learned a few things about him. He was interesting and interested in our little cars. He was giving with his time and encouraging of our hobby. He had founded a club filled with people who often admired him as much as the cars he championed.

Shortly after this year’s White Elephant sale, we lost Norm. While many could write much more about him, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to honor his efforts in founding the Austin Bantam Society and creating this hobby that we enjoy so much. Thank you Norm.

“I believe this was at an early ABS (Then Pacific Bantam Austin Club) meet at The Disneyland Hotel grounds in Anaheim, California in the early 1970’s. Note the metal drip pan under the engine so as to not stain the walkway. Pleasant memories.” – Norm Booth posing in his prized 1938 American Bantam Roadster.

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