Changes Are Coming

Our last post was a cheery New Years post in 2020. Clearly, we were completely naive with regard to what the ensuing months would be bringing. While 2020 was a year of varied tragedy, it would be a waste if we did not come away from it with at least a few good lessons. At, we took a step away from the Bantam world and used it as a long period of introspection.

As a result, we have thought about what has worked for our involvement in the hobby, as well as what has not. From the silence, we are rising up at a more focused brand seeking to provide our long time and future customers sharper focus and quicker results. This means that we will be bolstering our successful Locating Services and Advertising Services. We will also be indulging in our own personal desires of providing a great source of information for the Austin and Bantam hobby. This will be translated into a vastly improved Library section.

While we grow these three aspects of our company, we will be retiring our efforts to provide a complete parts inventory. If you click on the “Parts” tab above, you will see that we will continue to offer parts locating services, but general parts sales will be available through Unfortunately, the business of maintaining and building a complete inventory did not fit with our current priorities.

Thank you for your continued patronage and we are eager to continue bringing you high quality and interesting content.


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