The Genuine Parts Company (NAPA) Bantam Fleet and more!

Genuine Parts Company, NAPA, once had a fleet of American Austins and Bantams.  If you turn to the back of your American Austin Bantam Club Authenticity Manual, there is a black and white photo of a Bantam based open delivery car.  If you ever wondered how extensive their fleet was, take a look at this photo:

Genuine Parts Napa Bantam fleet.jpg

A careful look will expose 1 Panel truck, 2 Pickup trucks (square back style), 6 modified open Austins, and 2 modified open Bantams.  The first open Bantam has 11 written on the cowl, so this may be the entire fleet.

To head over to ebay to see the full sized photo, click here.

The May Theater American Austin Advertising car:

While I greatly like this photo and would love to see more details of this car, the stamp on the rear of the photo is what really captivates me.  Someone, likely the owner, appears to have sent this photo to the American Austin Car Co. and it was received in April of 1931.  Perhaps they hoped to see it in an Austin advertisement, or perhaps they were just proud owners.  Either way, this is an undeniably cool car.  Too many people think you need to have an Austin or Bantam Pickup or Panel truck if you want to advertise your business.  However there are so many Austin coupes that were utilized that the honest truth is that any Austin or Bantam will get the attention you’re looking for!

To check out this photo on eBay, click here.

American Austin Motometer

For those of you with an Austin who happen to be curious how hot your Thermosyphon engine is running, this nifty Motometer may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Interestingly, the font on the logo appears to vary from most Austin literature, the grille badges, and the tire covers.

To view the Motometer, click here.


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