Third Anniversary

According to WordPress, yesterday marked the third anniversary of this website, or at least its predecessor.  It has been an interesting few years and I am thankful for all of your support while this endeavor grows.  What started as a blog talking about Betsy, my T-5, became a place where I used to merely post vehicle leads which I came across while looking for parts for my project.  At the time, my thought was to merely create a place where good leads for cars would live on and could help a person fulfill their dream of owning a particular type of car.  Now, this site is a place where enthusiasts of Bantams and T-5’s can routinely explore new content.  TrustInRust now boasts several categories of advertised cars in multiple conditions, a growing index of vintage literature, a virtual parts warehouse, and an active blog tracking these small niches of the hobby.  We’re even on eBay, Twitter, and Facebook.

The deluge of emails that comes through this site and knowing that I am helping people find what they need makes this fun.  In the coming months there will be some changes coming which I think you’ll enjoy.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll need to keep checking back.  In the mean time, thank you for your support and patronage.  So long as you keep coming back, I’ll make sure that no good lead dies.


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