Make sure it gets home safely:

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the perfect car and you just borrowed your friend’s utility trailer to bring it home.  That’s right, a Bantam will fit in a fairly small trailer, or even the bed of a pickup truck.  However, there is one thing you may have forgotten about, tie downs.

When you are planning to move your car, make sure you have it tied down safely so it won’t move in the trailer or the bed of your truck.  You don’t want it to move enough that it gets damaged by rubbing the trailer and you certainly don’t want to have it fall off the trailer.  For the next few days, eBay has a promotion available where you can earn up to 10% back in eBay bucks.  It looks as though this promotion will cap your earnings at $100, but it is still great.

For years, you could not earn eBay bucks on eBay Motors items, but that has now changed for the better.  Please check to see if you have this promotion on your home page or in with your email:

ebay bucks.png

I just used this promotion to buy a set of Tie Downs with wheel straps.  When I brought my Austin Coupe home, I had to rely on the best straps available at Lowes.  Thankfully these cars are fairly light, but the light weight nature of those straps overall really made me wish I had something better and an American made product.  Another reason I went for these, they are black.  You really don’t want to know what an orange or black strap looks like after it spends 10 hours soaking in 40 years worth of grease.


Click here to see the auction: Black Ratcheting Tie Downs

coupe in a trailer 2


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