Swindler and the Harris Speedster

This has been a content heavy week and I’m not going to complain about that one bit.  Below is a photo which you may have seen, but likely not.  It is the Harris speedster at the 1937 Chicago Auto Show.  The Harris Speedster was a front wheel drive super-car powered by a Swindler V8.  If you haven’t learned about the Swindler yet, it was a pair of Austin engines mated to a flat plane crank into a beautiful v shaped engine.  While I am a fan of the engines and would love to have one, I’ll turn you over to the expert were you can learn more about it –Wm. Spear’s website.  A modern Bantam based swindler was built in the 90’s and supposedly still exists.  You can learn more about that engine also at Wm. Spear’s Website.

You probably know about my interest in Brennan I.M.P.s, but, as I said above, I would love to have a Swindler.  There were known to be at least two of them.  Only one complete engine is known to remain in tact while another is known to exist in a destroyed state.  I would tell you more about the Harris Speedster, but it is best told by the fine folks at autopuzzles.com

Right now, on ebay, there is a hard to find photo of the Speedster being exhibited at one of Bantam’s first exhibitions as a newly reformed company.  Although the roadster was sporty, you may consider this a sort of halo car.

Harris speedster

Click here to own a bit of history on the Harris Speedster



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