Bantam Hot Rods

For the past three years, this website has mainly catered to people interested in restoring American Austins and Bantams.  While I have had a few requests from people about English Austin parts, I have had an overwhelming number of inquiries from people seeking hot rods and hot rod projects.  Hot rodding Bantams is nothing new, but what is new is a section of this website to be dedicated in early 2017 to hot rodded Bantams.

There are a lot of cars which have already built and projects which have stalled which already fall into the hot rod category.  So, rather than not having options for those who like a little extra heat to their Bantams, keep your eyes peeled for new listings of cars like this one:


Sure you could consider buying a nice restorable Bantam, taking the body for a hot rod, and selling off the rest; but wouldn’t it be better for both sides of our hobby to breathe new life into someone else’s stalled project or previously built car?  This should make everyone happy and satiate both types of Bantam enthusiasts.

Speaking of which, I’d like to wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year!


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