Neat Bantam finds

I usually try to keep to a single post per marque per day.  However, these two items that showed up are quite neat.


1944 American Bantam Car Co. Annual Report:

This is just really cool, I may have to throw a bid in too.

Click here to see the listing: Bantam annual report


1930-1940 American Bantam cowl section:

These aren’t very common to find these days.  Most hot rods have had these cut off, and a lot of survivors have been heavily modified.  Except for the cut out for the battery, this piece doesn’t look to be in bad shape to provide repair panels for your car.  It even has the tabs where the inner fenders mount and some of the lower beading.  Who ever removed it from a car did so poorly, but there is a lot of meat for someone to work with.  This particular unit is most likely from an American Austin. I have a couple of these, otherwise I’d be bidding.


Click here to see the listing: Bantam Cowl


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