American Austin Rooster

Original Stant rooster radiator caps are few and far between these days.  The one waiting to go on my car is a reproduction made by an ABS club member since the Stant units are just too hard to find and are too expensive when they are found.

This particular one has some painting over on it and it looks to have some pitting.  I’ve heard that these are not supposed to be chromed, but are rather a duller finish.  Its hard to tell what this rooster would look like cleaned up, but the seller’s refund policy may make it worthwhile to see if this will work for you.

Notice the markings on the bottom:  Stanco  THE STANT MFG.CO. CONNERSVILLE, IND. PAT’S.PEND’G.  AA-2840.

It’s a buy it now listing, so if you want it, you may want to click that button.  Buy it now price:  $475 Sold: $400

Click here to see the listing: American Austin Stant Rooster Radiator Cap


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