First Glimpse at the Shopping List

For the past while, I have been hoping to add a “shopping list” of sorts to this page to enable us to save as many Bantam parts as possible from the scrap heap at swap meets and the like.  Below is a preview of the first section I have started working on.  I am hoping to catalogue most of the parts of our cars in this manner, including OEM and replacement parts.  I have not yet decided how I will make this list available, although I am considering providing it as a free view-able list on this website which can be ordered in hard copy for those without internet access.

As for the photos, I will try to use as many of my own photos as possible, but there are a lot of pieces for which I don’t have the parts to take the photos.  So, for those pieces, I will likely need to ask for your help.  What do you think?  Do you like this idea?



One thought on “First Glimpse at the Shopping List

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