Hurry! Ebay code good until 9/25/2015

I needed to share this with you.  Check your email to see if you received a coupon code which gives certain people $20 off of $100 purchases on ebay motors.  I didn’t notice it on my email, but instead on a listing. This code will not work for everyone, but a sure way to tell if it will work is to click on the Austin style headlight below.  You may see a small thing that says “see how you can save $20” or something like that.  I would have taken a screen shot for you, but I stupidly used it before taking a photo.

Scroll to the bottom to see the code which you need to look for.

Austin style headlight, with an odd switch on the side:

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Click here to see the listing:Austin style headlight $199.95

Reproduction Model T carbide generator:

carbide generatorClick here to see the listing: Model T carbide generator

Falcon/Comet console:

falcon comet console 1Click here to see the listing: Falcon/Comet console



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