Piston2: Bantam parts from NY (but not from me)

Thankfully New York has a decent population of Bantam enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, I have only met two Bantam owners in my own state so far.  However, I have to say, our cars attract truly great people and our clubs are populated by these same folks.  If you are reading this, and have any interest in Austins or Bantams and have not yet joined the clubs; you really should.  A lot of clubs are just groups of people with a similar car, with the Bantam clubs, you get that and so much more.  The level of camaraderie and helpfulness is unlike anything you may encounter elsewhere.

Anyway, before I get carried away with how great this hobby is, I would like to present you with some new items listed this week by seller piston2 in New York.  Over my short tenure in the clubs, I have seen a few items popup from this seller occasionally such as a three main zenith and an nos Hupmobile gauge cluster.  With the large offering this time, it is possible there will be more listings, so I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

American Bantam Reproduction Fiberglass Headlight Bucket:

American Bantam Reproduction Fiberglass Headlight Bucket

In the world of Bantams, there are some parts that are difficult to find.  However, the parts that top the list of difficult to find are headlights.  Ideally there were over 12,000 headlights made, and they are more difficult to find on occasion than 3 main engines of which only around 500 were made.  If you can explain that, please feel free to post in the comments section.  The headlights used on the Bantams were Stabilite with Corcoran Brown lenses.  Unlike some other parts for the Bantam which were interchangeable with other marques, the headlights were wholly original for our little cars.  There have been numerous attempts to make these out of fiberglass, or even to spin them from steel, but these efforts never really caught on with the club for various reasons.  If you need a headlight, this may be a decent part to hold you over if you can figure out a replacement for the stainless rim, as this bucket looks good.  If you need a lens, NOS lenses are available.

Click here to see more of this headlight: American Bantam Reproduction Fiberglass Headlight Bucket Sold for: 43.51

American Bantam original Grille Badge:

bantam emblemThese emblems are available brand new from a club member.  If you’re looking for something for a driver or an original car this may be perfect for you, however if you are after that newly minted look, do not despair there is an option.  In speaking with a club member (I didn’t ask if I could put his name here, so I don’t want to do so without asking), the original grille badges should have enamel applied to the rear of the thin badge.  The reason for this application of additional enamel was to stabilize the emblem and prevent the material from lifting off of the face due to the tension it would create on the thin casting.

Click here to check it out: American Bantam original Grill Badge Sold for: 66.00

American Bantam – inside door handle and window crank:

bantam inside handles

Please note these handles are very similar to an early Ford.  If you are after brand new handles, they are available.  In fact, I’ve been meaning to order a set for my project for a few months now.  To match my project, which I haven’t really mentioned here, I have contemplated employing a wooden knob to match other details of the car; but I haven’t decided yet.

Click here to check out the handles: American Bantam – inside door handle and crank Sold for: 42.51

American Austin Amp Gauge and Dash Backing:

American Austin Amp Gauge and Dash Backing

According to the seller, the Amp gauge may work.  Also, please note that if you are working on an American Austin and you can’t seem to secure your gauges properly, you probably need one of these retaining brackets.

Click here to check out the gauge: American Austin Amp Gauge and Dash Backing  Sold for: 115.29


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