Pacific Pumper, Thank You Judees1!

If you have been following this site for a while, you probably already know that I have a bit of an affinity for the Brennan I.M.P. engine.  If you’re new to the site, click on the link provided in the previous sentence and you will see why I find Brennans fascinating.  Really, they were initially just marine conversions of Bantam engines which grew to something more fascinating in their production run which lasted thirty years after Bantam vehicle production ceased.  However, during Bantam’s vehicle production, there were several mentions of other industrial engines being sold to outside contractors; Brennan Motor Manufacturing Company being one and another being Pacific Marine Supply Company.

While the IMP was Brennan’s power unit, Pacific Marine offered something called the Pacific Pumper.  I’ve heard about these in the past but have never really seen one or learned more than the fact that such apparatuses were built.  As best as I could ascertain, a Pacific Pumper was a conversion of an American Austin or Bantam engine into a pump of sorts.  A few weeks ago, Greg shared a photo of a Pacific Pumper crankcase with me which sent me  on a googling spree.  In all of my searching, I could only find photos of Austin engine based Pumpers.

As you already know, it’s always good to stock up on Austin and Bantam parts, so I saved a search on ebay for Pacific Pumpers.  For weeks, I have been getting emails from ebay about non-Austin or Bantam Pacific Pumper engines.  However, on Tuesday, I got a message about an auction which had unfortunately already ended.  In the collection of photos was something new and amazing to me.  Pacific Marine adapted a Series 65 style three main bearing engine to a pumping apparatus.  I had no idea that they did such a thing.  Here is the photo from the listing that really caught my eye:

Pacific Pumper 95

How many were built and where they ended up may remain a mystery, but at least one was built.  Now you and I have more reason to scour the nation for these pumpers.

I missed out on the auction but reached out to the seller who graciously shared some better quality photos of the lot which I will be using to build an information section around in the near future.  This seller was kind and generous.  She was willing to help out our hobby and I am very thankful.  While she doesn’t have any other Bantam or Pacific Marine items, please check out her store here to see if there is something you are interested in.  Judees1, thank you!

Click here to see Judees1 store.

It’s October, are you ready for Hershey? Part I

I wish I could say yes, however I will not be in attendance this year.  It is probably one of only two or three shows I have missed in the past 21 years.  The last two years have been pretty good, Bantam parts-wise.  Since I will not be able to be there to hunt for the hard to find pieces on your list and mine, I will have to do my best from my desk.  If, like me, you aren’t or wont be at Hershey this year, here are a few Bantam bits on eBay which may interest you.

A seller on ebay, in western Pennsylvania, appears to have unearthed an interesting collection of Butler related memorabilia.  Among those items is an, impossible to find, employee badge from the American Bantam Car Co.  In the past five years on ebay, one other badge has made its way to auction.  The seller also has an employee badge from the Standard Steel Car Co. which preceded Bantam at its manufacturing facility and another two badges from the American Rolling Mill which finally took over Bantam around 1956.  If you look through the seller’s other items, you can see some other Butler related badges. These could be a nice addition to your collection.

American Bantam Car Co. Employee Badge

Click here to bid on the American Bantam Car Co. Employee Badge

Standard Steel Car Co. Employee Badge

Steel Car Co Badge 1

Click here to bid on the Standard Steel Car Co. Employee Badge

American Rolling Mills Employee Badge

American Rolling Mills badge 1

Click here to bid on the American Rolling Mills Employee Badge

ARMCO Employee Badge

ARMCO badge 1

Click here to bid on the ARMCO Employee Badge