Export Bantams- an ever interesting topic

As I’ve highlighted on our Facebook page, American Bantams found there way around the globe.  They currently exist on six of seven continents.

I believe one of the Bantam clubs discussed the A.B.C. fairly recently, an Australian offering of the American Bantam.  If you are interested in learning more, please email me and I’ll see if I can find the relevant information on the Club News or Rooster Tail issue for you to seek out.  I believe that the AABC also offered A.B.C. brochure reproductions in the past which are really neat pieces although I believe the club store is long out of these.

On eBay, a seller in Australia has listed an original A.B.C. brochure which is unlike the reproduction offered by the club.

Austrailian ABC Bantam Brochure 1


For your chance to add this to your collection, click here:  ABC Australian Bantam Brochure


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