Small items for a Sunday night.

A lot of people who sell things frequently on eBay have strategies for maximizing the value of their item.  One such strategy call for listing items on Sunday evenings or to list them so that the end on Sunday evenings.  The theory behind this is that you have a greater chance of catching the attention of buyers who are more likely home and you have a better chance that they may engage in a late auction bidding war.  Whatever the merit of these ideas, it may behoove you to spend a little time on ebay on Sunday nights to see what is being listed or what is ending.

Your weekend wrap up includes:

1995-2017 AABC and ABS club magazines

Bantam Club magazines

There are a few ways to get these news letters, and they generally require you to join each club.  This seller is making his collection available for someone looking into whether the clubs are right for them.  the 1995-2017 period was very fertile for tech articles and historical pieces.

Click here to see the Club magazines


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