American Austin Radiator Badges

Right now, there are two American Austin radiator surround Badges for sale on ebay.  They both have their original retaining clip on the back side (whether they will still work is unknown), but the enameling on the front is what sets the two apart.  These badges should have a deep, translucent red, enameling which fills the background and lettering even with the brass surface of the badge.

The first badge appears to have had all of the original enamel replaced with solid red paint.  You may be able to get this restored, but that can be an expensive process.

Click here: American Austin Badge 1

The second badge has had some polishing work done to the brass surface but it looks like it retains a lot of the original enamel although it appears there are some chips.  Is it perfect?  Not quite, but it is one of the nicer badges which has found its way onto ebay in a while.

Click here: American Austin Badge 2




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