Jarvis is my co-pilot

I’ve seen that saying a hundred times now searching for Bantam hood ornaments and have never had a clue of what it meant.  Tonight, I’ve learned it has something to with the Marvel character Tony Stark.  I’ll let you peruse that link at your own leisure.

On eBay, right now, there is a Jarvis 3408J hood ornament.  I don’t have one of my original 1938-1939 Bantam hood ornaments available at this time, but I have written on this subject in the past.  So, while I can’t say definitively that this hood ornament is a Bantam unit and not a Nash unit, it most likely will work on your Bantam.  However, the more I see these hood ornaments, it makes me wonder if there is a difference between the Nash unit and the Bantam one.  If you talk to a Nash enthusiast, they’ll tell you that these mascots are some of the most difficult ones to find.  Now, someplace in the ABS family of literature, there is a mention of an alternative mascot which never came to fruition.  It would be interesting if Bantam purchased the remainder of Nash’s stock and had Jarvis supply more as necessary, similar to some of Bantam’s other parts sourcing efforts.

Either way, here is an ornament for your consideration.  It isn’t perfect, but it is usable for a driver or possibly quite restorable.  There is a chance that new reproductions of this style mascot will be reproduced in the near future.  So, keep your eyes pealed for more information.

Click here to see the: Bantam Hood Ornament


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