Tuesday’s Temptations

While there has been a light trickle of Bantam items on ebay lately, I haven’t had a chance to cover every particular item.  I try to keep the blog up to date, but sometimes generating the ebay links takes more time than I can dedicate, especially with how slow my computer is at times.  Here are a few of the temptations awaiting you beyond the click:

1930 American Austin Roadster toy

Personally, I think this toy is cool.  Just like the real cars, the toy coupes seem to be more plentiful.  It makes me wonder if they only made 1500 of the toys as well.  The only thing I don’t like about this is that the toy cost not only more than one of these roadsters cost new, but also more than a recent roadster project which sold through the club!  (If you’re reading this and you’re not a member of either club, you should join.  Great classifieds!)

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Click here to see the item: Austin Toy

1939-1940 American Bantam emblem

Please note that this is an original badge that has had both of its original mounting studs broken off and the enamel is badly damaged.  You may want to look into your restoration options before purchasing.  Also, on emblem restoration, look forward to part I of a badge restoration nightmare story.

Click here to see the item: American Bantam Emblem

1938-1940 American Bantam Hubcaps

Here is a nice set of driver hubcaps.  You can see the issues in the photos, but they are overall nice hubcaps which add a little delight to your ride.

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Click here to see the item: American Bantam Hub Caps

1981 Magazine

I don’t believe I’ve seen this magazine for sale before.  It’s interesting to have a historical perspective of our hobby.


Click here to see the item:Magazine 1981


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