Thank you

There are a few parts on ebay, but basically the same ones which continually cycle around.  I have begun building an ebay presence for this site to keep everything Bantam in one place and a few other things which may or may not pan out.  As I get work on building those endeavors up, I may be a little quiet on the blog entries when it comes to rerun parts listings.  I am still planning to do a blog entry on the great meet in July and another on Hershey.  On those, it will be better late than never, and perhaps they’ll warm you up while the snow is falling.

Rather than focusing my attention on the blog, I have been trying to enhance this website for your enjoyment and work on my Bantam project.  Now that I have some decent progress on that project, I’m hoping to share it with you here in some blog entries.  Also, as some have noticed, I have been working on enriching the content and arrangement of the site.  Each month, we are thankfully seeing record numbers of visitors.  This year has had nearly double the visitors of the previous two combined.

Last night a visitor sent me a very nice email praising the site and the night before a club member did as well.  These made me realize, it’s important that you know I really appreciate your gratitude and feedback as well; I am happy that you are enjoying.  I’m hoping to make this an enjoyable and useful site for anyone interested in Austins and Bantams (and someday T-5’s).  So, thank you to everyone who has contacted me recently and thank you all  to everyone who has stopped by.


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