A Bantam Rarity?

This week, something remarkably interesting.  The seller states that this is the frame from the first Bantam pickup truck.  The first pickup would be body 60012, built February 2, 1938.

According to the seller:  “Several years ago the Serial#1 Bantam pickup was restored by a private collector from Ohio.  For some reason during the restoration, they decided to use a production frame rather than the prototype frame.  I was told by the previous owner to salvage the prototype frame because of it’s significance to this number 1 pickup truck.  I believe the Pickup was a 1937 and this frame might possibly be a modified American Austin frame. Anyway, this is being offered “as is” for local pick up only.  The frame measures 8′-6″ long and 40″ wide.”

This frame shows the trappings of an early 1938 Bantam frame until your eyes find the point above where the rear axle would be positioned.  Oddly, the frame rails have the same flat shape of an American Austin frame, which is then apparently mated to channel imitating a Bantam passenger car frame, although more angularly.


For comparison sake here is a photo with a 39 Bantam frame and two American Austin frames:


Click here to see the listing: bantam frame


If you have some history on this piece, please let me know.  I’m very curious to know if this is actually something special or something that has been built out of left over parts.


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