Let’s make a shopping list

Certain Bantam and Austin parts are exceedingly rare.  There are a lot of times that we go to car shows with great flea markets, but end up passing over items that we either don’t need or don’t recognize.  What that means is that there are a some great parts slipping through our fingers at car shows which we could all be helping to preserve.  Maybe you don’t need the part, but if you can get it for the right price, we can try to get it to a good home.

Some people have come up with lists of certain Bantam goodies, however, those lists aren’t widely circulated.  Please join me in creating the ultimate shopping list for a Bantam or Austin enthusiast to make sure that the parts our cars need to keep running don’t end up in landfills.

Using the “Contact Us” tab, please feel free to begin sending in photos and information.  I hope this helps!


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