Hand painted Bantam dealer sign?

Looking for 1940 Bantam fuel lines which had been on eBay for ever, but has since disappeared, I accidentally found the correct air cleaner for a 50’s Brennan Imp.  Before I realized what it was I lost it, but in searching for that filter, I some how happened upon what was presumably once a Bantam Dealer sign.  This sign is very different from the circular red and white signs which we all know and lust after.  Actually, if you are looking for an excellent reproduction dealer sign, they are available through a club member in California.  If you want the real deal, his signs are the best you will find.  If you’re looking for an interesting curiosity, check out this hand painted vintage piece ending tomorrow.

Bantam Sign

Click here to see the sign: Bantam Dealer Sign  Sold for: 47.00


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