Woody Prototype: Nonchalant Luxury is the key note of this small car.

“Nonchalant Luxury is the key note of this small car,” is how they described the wagon.  Some may see it now as a utilitarian car, but it was abundantly clear that these wooden station wagons were not mere work truck, they were small polished gems.  Sadly a few words from the description are missing, but it seems as though the most important ones are there.

If you look, this car has quite a few details that are different from the production wagons which are still with us.  I’m sure you can find more differences, but from here the most interesting difference is the use of the pick up style fender shown in the advertising postcard rather than the coupe style that most of the photographed survivors carry.

Also, look at the tread pattern on those tires, the details are amazing.  The Hubcaps appear to be plain baby moon style pieces.


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