1930-1935 American Austin Radiator Badge: Piston2

Well polished and glossy brass is something I like.  Especially when it is trimmed with red cloisonne and inset into the black painted portion of an American Austin grille shell.  Piston2 in New York has made available a nicely presenting brass American Austin badge.  The rear of the emblem appears to have most of its retaining portion left.  The cloisonne appears to have some damage under the rooster tail, but it is a good looking piece overall.  I think this tops the nicest one I have for my car, but mine is good enough.  Actually, if you want to see something odd.  Last spring, I picked one of these up which had actually been chrome plated over the brass while not affecting the cloisonne.  It’s a strange looking one and I’ll have to post some photos when I see it next.

american austin emblem

Click here to see the badge: American Austin Radiator Badge Sold for: 82.79


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