New Week, New Listings: Bantam and Austin Parts

A whole other group of American Austin and Bantam parts have made their way to eBay over night.  Please note, the seller has a 50lb oil pressure gauge, which I have been advised is not correct for an American Austin and is more likely a Ford part.

american austin carb and manifold 1

Click here to bid on the carb and an unbroken intake manifold: American Austin Tillotson Carb and Intake Manifold Sold for:  $494.98

 american austin amp 1

 Click here to see the gauge: American Austin Amp Gauge Sold for $102.99

 american austin headlight buckets 1 american austin headlight buckets 3

If you are also looking for a trim ring, it looks as though I missed one which recently ended.  It looks as though it is still available, so you may wish to contact the seller.

Click here to see the headlight buckets: American Austin Headlight Buckets Sold for $224.72

American Bantam Front Friction Shock 1

Although, at a quick glance, this shock assembly looks similar to the American Austin assembly, note that the retaining washer here is circular where as the Austin utilized a star like retainer.  From what I understand, the starting price for this entire unit is less than two replacement aluminum links.

Click here to bid on the Bantam front friction shock assembly with aluminum links: American Bantam Front Friction Shocks Sold $56.55

austin trans 1

Hacked up American Austin transmission: American Austin Transmission  $14.50


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