Ebay Feature Item No.1 – 1937 Press Photo Patsy Shaw on American Bantam in Chicago Auto show

I’ve wondered what to do with the blog portion of this site for quite a while.  As this is wordpress, the blog is always at the forefront.  In trying to create something that delivers the content you want, this is my new experiment.  In the eBay feature section, I will highlight an interesting find on the auction site and post it here.  Often times, the listings get easily lost in the Trinkets and Parts section.  Remember, all feedback is appreciated.


The first item for your consideration is a heretofore unknown, or long forgotten, photo of the 1937 Chicago Autoshow. Note that this early Bantam roadster sports removable fender skirts, a two tone paint job, no hood ornament, and no “Bantam” logo on the hubcaps.

Click here to see more:  Chicago Autoshow 1937, Bantam

patsy shaw chicago showSold for:  145.50


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