1965 1966 T-5 emblem used pair

Here’s something I haven’t seen on ebay in probably a decade, a used PAIR of 65-66 T-5 emblem.  The foils look to be in nice condition, except the black anodizing has faded.  Also, one appears to have lost two of its mounting pins.  However, the plating on the badges looks to be good and pit free.  I’m not too sure how you’d re black the emblems, but here is your chance to get a pair of matching emblems for your car.

The last single emblem went for over $400 last week.  That emblem was in worse shape than these appear to be.

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T-5 items to start your year off right


1969-1970 Ford T5 Mustang Export Owners Manual German Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch 1969/70


If you have a T-5, there is a good chance you don’t have one of these.  These original Bedienungsanleitungs are very difficult to find.  Mine took 5 years of looking, a year of discussions, and finally getting it from a collector in the Netherlands.  I’m still very grateful he was willing to let go of it.


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1967-1978 T-5 Emblem Inserts

These are the pieces that you ad into reproduction GT emblems (somehow) to make complete T-5 emblems for your car.  This seller has a few of these from time to time, but who knows how long they will be available.


1967-1979 Ford T-5 Emblems

It used to be more frequent that you would find the later style T-5 emblems on Ebay.  However, as of late, they seem to have become more of a rarity.  Often times, you can find NOS foils, which I have bought in the past.  Rather than have to buy a GT emblem, dissect it, and rebuild it with a new foil; this auction presents an opportunity to give you car what she deserves.

Click here to see the ebay listing: 1967-1978 T-5 Emblems  Sold for: 150.00