1967-1979 Ford T-5 Emblems

It used to be more frequent that you would find the later style T-5 emblems on Ebay.  However, as of late, they seem to have become more of a rarity.  Often times, you can find NOS foils, which I have bought in the past.  Rather than have to buy a GT emblem, dissect it, and rebuild it with a new foil; this auction presents an opportunity to give you car what she deserves.

Click here to see the ebay listing: 1967-1978 T-5 Emblems  Sold for: 150.00


T-5 – Period Magazine Articles

The Mustang has found itself widely publicized around the world during its lifetime.  The T-5 was not an exception to this press.  Below are some German publications reviewing the T-5 when it made its journey abroad.  I actually never bought the top two magazines below and only have a copy of AMS.  They are great and inexpensive pieces to add to your T-5 ownership.  I found that when purchasing the magazines abroad, asking the seller if they would ship to the US before bidding almost always resulted in a yes.

magazineClick here to see the eBay listing: Motor Rundschau 17/64 Ford Mustang T 5

november 64Click here to see the eBay listing: November 1964 ADMV Illustrierter Motorsport 22/64 Vorstellung Ford T5

magazine auto motor und sport**CAUTION- this may only be the road test and not the full magazine, the full magazine has great cover art, please translate the ad before buying.**

A translation of this can be found on the First Mustang Club of Germany’s website here.

Click here to see the listing: AMS 17/1964 Wahnsinn! Ford Mustang T5 mit