Attention viewers! Do you have any spare parts you’d like to sell?

Besides linking you to the most current eBay auctions, is about much more.  The concept embodied by this website is a lot broader than I can let on at this point, as developing it one stage at a time is the only way to do it properly.  Revealing the complete plans would leave you wondering why I am so slow at getting this thing together.  So, besides providing you with a frequent blog of items for sale and a listing of vehicles for sale, I am now listing parts both for sale and wanted.

Please take a few moments to check out the new used parts for sale sections and the NOS / reproduction parts for sale sections.  The purpose of these pages is to make your restoration just a little bit easier.  Remember, eBay auctions only last several days and craigslist ads have mysterious lifespans that no one fully understands, however a listing here runs until sold.  The idea behind this system is to keep leads alive as long as possible, this way parts and cars don’t slip back into the woodwork to be forgotten about until the next time an owner is motivated to put the effort into selling.  I want people who are looking for parts to be able to get exactly what they need so their project isn’t put on hold at the whim of some rare piece.  I want you to have options available, so not only are you getting a part you need, but the best one for you.

Right now, there are only a few listings; but browse a bit and show your support.  If you have anything you’re looking for, contact me to place an ad.  If you have somethings you wouldn’t mind selling to clear some space in your garage, there is plenty of room here.  If you manufacture reproduction parts or perform some essential service for our hobby, your listing is wanted.

Working together, we can create something amazing; and I would love for you to be part of it.



And We’re Back! More parts are on eBay with a new seller on the market.

The last few weeks have been something for Austin and Bantam enthusiasts.  There has been at least one useful part on every day, and not just useless bulbs that spammers list as appropriate for every car built.  Unfortunately, while caught in the midst of this windfall of parts, both my computer and myself were in less that prime shape.  I would like to apologize for missing some of the great items listed last week, but I don’t see a similar slip up happening in the near future.  We have a few sellers with great items, so I will break it down by seller:

Today I am posting the listings of joegingerichjr.  More to follow.

Bantam hubcap 1:

bantam hubcap 1

Click here to check out: Bantam Hubcap 1    Sold for: 33.25

Bantam Hubcap 2:

Bantam Hubcap 2

Click here to check out: Bantam Hubcap 2  Sold for: 68.25

Bantam (American Austin) Starter:

Bantam (American Austin) Starter

Click here to check out: Bantam (American Austin) Starter   Sold for: 88.88

American Austin Headlight Buckets:

American Austin Headlight Buckets

Note, one of these headlights has the lower retaining ring screw hole off center which would likely make its original application a late 33-34 American Austin without a headlight bar.  Thank you for the tip Drew!

Click here to check out: American Austin Headlight Buckets    Sold for: 280.00

American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses

American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses

Click here to check out: American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses  177.50

See you tomorrow!