Would you like a Woody of your own?

For your consideration is a unique opportunity to own a 1939 Bantam Woody Station Wagon.  Usually, these cars pass silently between Bantam club members.  Occasionally, these cars are seen at the auctions, but not frequently enough for other collectors to get their hands on them.

These cars were designed by Bantam to be the gem of any garage.  Described by the company as being the embodiment of nonchalant luxury, and by being priced as their halo car; the Bantam station wagon was anything but a little economy car.  It was a useful, utilitarian, piece of art.  Although they were fairly popular in proportion to other models built, their survival rate has been identified as very small.

1938 Bantam Station Wagon Prototype

1938 Bantam Station Wagon Prototype

There are less than twenty of these Station Wagons known to exist at this time, although there may be a few more stashed out there.  Most often, these cars are sold for increasingly more and more with projects becoming less and less extant.  Finished, you can have something like this:

bantam woodieBantam Woody

Here is the offering for your consideration, the bones of a spartan, understated, elegant gem.  Click on the thumbnail below to learn more about this project.  Perhaps this could find its way into your garage.


1939 Bantam Station Wagon Rough Project