Late night Ebay finds:

There is someone in Wyoming who may have stumbled on a small parts hoard.  So far, the ebay seller has three items up, however that doesn’t mean more wont show up.  It appears that his stash may contain Bantam and Austin pieces.

American Bantam M10BX carb

Bantam Tillotson M10BX 4Click here to see the ebay listing: American Bantam M10BX carb $81

American Austin / Bantam Intake Manifold

Intake 2

Click here to see the ebay listing: American Austin / Bantam Intake Manifold $52

American Austin 1930-1933 Generator and Distributor parts

NOTE:  The fan mount looks to be excellent in the photos.  You may wish to inquire with the seller to see what sort of condition the piece is in.

American Austin Gen Dist 1

Click here to see the ebay listing: American Austin 1930-1933 Generator and Distributor parts $79.50

A 1939 Bantam Pick Up has made its way onto ebay. 

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The opening price is $1999 with the option of an offer.

Click here to see the ebay listing: 1939 Bantam Parts/Restoration Truck

Promotional Bantam Penny

bantam penny 1

Click here to see the ebay listing: Promotional Bantam Penny $27.95

Plain faced Bantam hubcaps:

These may or may not be bantam pieces, please check your application to ensure they will fit.

plain face hubcaps 1

Click here to see the ebay listing: Plain faced Bantam hubcaps:

American Austin Parts Catalogue (Detroit)

Detroit Austin 1Click here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Parts Catalogue (Detroit)

Oops, we missed a few:

1940 Bantam Hood Side Emblems:

Two emblems sold in the small hours of the morning through a buy it now for $13 each.  An excellent deal for the buyer:

bantam hood logo 1

American Bantam Stabilite headlight lens:

Sold for $154, possibly nos.  Some Bidding in the last moments.

Bantam headlight lens

Starter Switch through 1939

Sold for $26, Buy it Now.

starter switch through 1939

Austin Crank Case:

Sold for $40, Buy It Now

Austin Crank Case

1930 American Austin 3W coupe:

Sold for $4350

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American Austin Tillotson M10A

BIN Sold for $80

American Austin Tillotson M10 A 2

New Listing: The perfect souvenir from this years meet, an American Austin Coupe

With a little work, this little gem could be exactly the type of car you have been hoping for. Originally restored by the owner’s father in the 60’s, he started detailing it in the 1970’s but did not finish. The car has sat in this condition for the past few decades but was running not too long ago. The current owner believes there may be an issue with the clutch and also thinks all of the parts will come with the car. The seller has cherished his father’s car for decades and wants to make sure it gets into the right hands.

Although this is listed as a project, it looks like a solid car that just needs a little TLC to be a runnable car. I would be tempted to enjoy it without the canvas installed to enjoy a sun roof.

The car is located in Copper Canyon, Texas and the seller is asking $8000.

Click here to see the listing:  Coupe for sale

A nifty vintage photo:

The little American Austins and Bantams seem to have been very photogenic cars.  A remarkable number of photos exist in consideration of the relative few cars that were actually built.  Today, a vintage photo came onto ebay featuring an American Austin coupe and a Chris Craft boat.  The seller makes it look as though it may be the beginning of a romance, however, who knows the true story.  Besides the potential story that may surround the photo, I’m curious about whether other cars were allowed on the docks at the time, or if the Austin was a special exception.

Here are a couple photos:


To have a chance to make this photo your own, click here: 931 Chris Craft 1930 Austin American Guy in Boat Trying His 1930's Pick Up Line