Interesting piece of advertising

1938 Bantam Advertising Pamphlet

I have never seen this pamphlet before and I’m really glad the seller put such detailed photos on the listing.  This advertisement has very rich drawings of the Bantam line up for 1938 including a woody with pickup truck style fenders.  If you look carefully, the Bantam logo has the word “American” printed above it.  For $5.00, this item is a steal, especially with the dealer stamp from Johnstown, PA.

Click here to see the ebay listing: Vintage Bantam ’60’ Automobile Booklet, Butler, PA – Johnstown, PA Dealership Sold for: 42.00

Click here to learn more about Johnstown, PA:  Johnstown

A few items for your enjoyment

 American Austin Front Axle:

front axleClick here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Front Axle

American Austin Radiator:

American Austin RadiatorClick here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Radiator Sold for: 150.00

What Ever Became of the Baby Austin

baby austinClick here to see the ebay listing: What Ever Became of the Baby Austin

American Austin/Bantam Valve Coveramerican Austin Bantam Valve CoverClick here to see the ebay listing: American Austin/Bantam valve cover

Belt Tensioner

American Austin Fan Pulley Belt Tensioner

Click here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Fan Pulley Belt Tensioner

Rolling Chassis

American Austin Rolling ChassisClick here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Rolling Chassis No Sale

Starter Data Tag

Starter Data Tag

Click here to see the ebay listing: Starter Data Tag Sold for: 12.50

New Listing: The perfect souvenir from this years meet, an American Austin Coupe

With a little work, this little gem could be exactly the type of car you have been hoping for. Originally restored by the owner’s father in the 60’s, he started detailing it in the 1970’s but did not finish. The car has sat in this condition for the past few decades but was running not too long ago. The current owner believes there may be an issue with the clutch and also thinks all of the parts will come with the car. The seller has cherished his father’s car for decades and wants to make sure it gets into the right hands.

Although this is listed as a project, it looks like a solid car that just needs a little TLC to be a runnable car. I would be tempted to enjoy it without the canvas installed to enjoy a sun roof.

The car is located in Copper Canyon, Texas and the seller is asking $8000.

Click here to see the listing:  Coupe for sale

A few items for your consideration

A period American Austin Photo

Click here to see the ebay listing: Photo 1933 1934 Austin Bantam Automobile & House Sold for: 15.50

An American Austin Rear

rear end

Click here to see the ebay listing: American Austin Bantam rear end rear axle No Sale

An American Austin Radiator


Click here to see the ebay listing: AMERICAN AUSTIN BANTAM Hexcel radiator No Sale

An American Bantam Zenith Carb rebuild kit

zenith carb kit

Click here to see the ebay listing: Carburetor Rebuild Kit Agri Ind Zenith Fuel Sys Rep Series 61 Sold for: 21.33

American Bantam and Austin Electronic Ignition

Until last night, I had never even considered the thought of having electronic ignition in a Bantam. However, a person replied to a want ad I have up telling me that he had a Pertronix unit for a Bantam. At first, I assumed it was a left over part from a dragster, some sort of piece for a small block Chevy dizzy. As it turns out, Pertronix (a reputable company) has been making conversion kits for Bantams to make their 6V negative ground system upgradable to electronic ignition for quite some time. After perusing a variety of forums, it appears the majority of people seem to say Pertronix is the way to go, with a spare set of points in your car in case they fail at some point in the next two decades.

Pertronix BantamMy Dad raised me to believe points are always the best way to go, however some other people out there tend to disagree. If you’re one of the folks on the other side of the line, this may be an added way to make you Bantam more dependable. You don’t have to worry about the points getting corroded, burning out, getting out of adjustment, or having your ignition system at the mercy of a worn distributor bushing. Although, it seems unlike points, these units can leave you stranded if they die while you are driving the car.

Also, since the Bantam distributors are very similar to the American Austin units, these will most likely also work for their older cousins.

Here is the link to the Bantam electronic ignition conversion:

Through Amazon: Pertronix 1549N6 6 Volt Negative Ground Ignitor Autolite for Bantam

Through Ebay: PerTronix 1549N6 Ignitor Autolite for Bantam 6 Volt Negative Ground

Have you tried this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Introducing the Sportsman Project! Part 1

When I first began the, I was acting on a long held dream of building the best sort of car site possible.  As I can’t stress enough, this is a continual work in progress.  My dream site requires way more money and web-design savvy than I presently have.

My original plan called for video installments and write-ups regarding the restoration and building of particular vehicles.  My initial thought was to buy a complete junker of a Mustang and build every inch of it on camera with a writeup adequate to help people like me rebuild their own car.  In the intervening years, other sites have actually done this; and although I’m a little jealous I wasn’t the first person to execute the idea, my jealousy is outweighed my elation of the fact that this sort of information is finally truly available to the masses.  We live in a time when youtube will teach you how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe, and I believe the same should be available for classic cars.  We still need an online repository to make sure our hunks of ferrous joy can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the first of the projects which will provide content made for this website, the 1940 Bantam Sportsman.  This is a car that never existed, but it should have.


1940 Bantam Sportsman Rendering

Far from the economical leanings of the original Bantam and much closer in line with the nonchalant luxury of the Bantam Station Wagon, this car will be the incarnation of something which hadn’t existed before built from the cast off remnants of a 1940 Bantam and other long forgotten bits.  Don’t worry, no nice or restorable cars will be harmed in the pursuit of this dream.  Stay tuned for part 2, the history of the Bantam Convertible Coupe.

A few Bantam Odds and Ends

As always, it’s been hectic; but a few items popped up on eBay and I’d like to share them with you.  Also, I’ve been testing out the Klipsch bluetooth speaker I mentioned in an earlier post.  Day one of testing is over, and I’m very impressed.  It may be just the thing you need on your back seat during your next tour.  Anyway, on to the listings:


1938-1939 American Bantam Hood Ornament

The seller has an ornament which is markedly similar to the Bantam piece as well as the 1937 Nash Lafayette piece.  You may want to contact the seller for dimensions to confirm this is in fact for a Bantam.  From my understanding, the Nash piece was larger.

DIMENSIONS:  “height whole ca. 2.36 inches length whole ca. 7.87 inches

Bantam Hood Ornament

Click here to see the listing: 1938-1939 American Bantam Hood Ornament Sold for: 190.50

American Bantam Car Co Supercargo Butler Pa Tape Measure

Tape MeasureClick here to see the listing: American Bantam Car Co Supercargo Butler Pa Tape Measure Sold for: 53.01

Pedal pads American Bantam

Hopefully someone can purchase these to make new ones.  I know I’d be interested in a new set.  Pedal PadsClick here to see the listing: Pedal pads American Bantam Sold for: 9.99

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 American Bantam Generator Brush Set NORS

generator brushes

Click here to see the listing: 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 American Bantam Generator Brush Set NORS No Sale


 franklin mint

Click here to see the listing: American Austin- 1983 FRANKLIN MINT PEWTER HOOD ORNAMENT Sold for: 24.53


tied brochure 1


Happy Birthday Betsy!

Betsy (the T-5) is finally fifty! When I first bought her in April of 2003, she was only 38 and I 16, it’s amazing how the time flies. I found her when I bought a Want Ad Press magazine on a reluctant trip to tour a college. At the end of that day, I realized I needed to buy some SAT prep books, and that I needed to call the owner of a running Mustang project car. In the past 12 years, some pretty spectacular things have happened.

A little under a year ago, the official First Post of this website gave you a glimpse into why this site has come to be. In that post, I gave you a little history of myself, Betsy, and why I felt the need to create this website. This site is the manageably scaled back version of a dream website I have had for years. Someday, that website may come to be, but it all depends upon the state of our hobby when the opportunity surfaces.

Betsy 2004

Betsy Circa 2003

As Betsy was my first car, which I was able to buy with money scraped together from avoiding school lunch, this has been my first real successful go around on a website. In the beginning, Betsy wasn’t much to look at, and neither was this website. At that point in time, my skill level and experience were greatly overshadowed by my youthful exuberance and optimism. However, the ensuing years the former two have had opportunity to catch up to the latter two.

Betsy original driveway

Betsy reunited with her original driveway.

A little over a year from the launch, and I am quite happy with the material I have put together at this point. As you have seen, I have been compiling ebay listings, interesting information, and technical specs for Austins, Bantams, and T-5’s. Sometimes the updates have been carried out without much fanfare, but I hope they are still noticed. Earlier this year, I also began advertising for this website in Hemmings Motor News.

Beginning this week, I am going to be chronicling my current project here. I had been documenting the build on the H.A.M.B. however, I am not sure if that is the best place for it any more. I will be moving the relevant posts here for your enjoyment and will update this blog first. Useful technical information derived from the build will be hosted on this site in a special area so it may be easily found.

Besides providing you with a general cognizance of what is available for your car, I want you to know that you have the ability to work on your car too. Armed with the parts, the tools, the skill, and the motivation; I want to see our cars get on the road and stay there. The purpose of this site is to empower the enthusiast and keep our great cars going while making sure they are visibly attainable for the next generation of car folks. Thank you for your support and I’d like to invite you to join me as we begin our second year together.

A trickle of rain in a drought

The past few weeks have been fairly dry when it comes to Bantam parts on ebay. However, today there is a significant group of listing to suit your Bantam needs. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying to spend less time in front of my computer so I can get more done on my project. I’ve been documenting my project on the HAMB, but now that it is far enough along, I think I’ll share it here first. For Bantam enthusiasts: BRC 60 Dashboard press photo: This photo makes me wonder, if they used so many readily available bantam parts, how did the instrument cluster with the temperature gauge come to be. Would Bantam really have developed a new gauge just for this project? It would seem that there wasn’t free time that they could have easily devoted that attention elsewhere. Brc dashboard shot Click here to see the listing: BRC press photo Sold for:89.88

Bantam and BRC steering wheel (in rough shape) bantam steering wheel Click here to see the listing: Bantam BRC steering wheel Sold for:100.00

BRC-40 “long scalloped axle” brc 40 drive shaft Click here to see the listing: Ford GP prototype / bantam BRC / Willys MA / WWII jeep long scalloped axle BRC Front Axle gaskets Brc axle gaskets Click here to see the listing: BANTAM BRC AXLE STEERING GASKETS NOS Bantam felt seals for the axles: Sold for: 9.95

Front Seals axle seal Click here to see the listing: 1939 American Bantam Front Wheel Felt Grease Oil Seals Retainer p/n 1755 (Qty 2) Rear Seals axle seal Click here to see the listing: 1939 American Bantam Rear Wheel Outer Felt Grease Oil Seals p/n 1755 (Qty 2) Rear Axle bearing race: bantam rear axle race Click here to see the listing: NOS!!! 1934-1948 Ford Bantam Hudson Chrysler Bearing Rear Axle Pinion Race 15250 Distributor Bushing distributor bushing Click here to see the listing: 1938-40 Bantam Model E Distributor Bushings (2) Auto-Lite Distributor Cap Bantam Distributor Cap Click here to see the listing: 1938-40 American Bantam 4 Cylinder Distributor Cap For the American Austin Enthusiast: Front Axle assembly: (These seller does not have any other Austin or Bantam Parts) austin front axle Click here to see the listing: 1930 – 1935 American Austin front axle assembly Rear Bumper Brackets P1070574 Click here to see the listing: 1930 – 1935 American Austin Coupe / sedan / panel? Rear Bumper Brackets Rear Bumper Bracket connector P1070569 Click here to see the listing: 1930 – 1935 American Austin Coupe / Sedan rear frame crossmember