1961 Mercury Comet S-22

Years ago, I found a Craigslist ad for a 1961 Comet.  There were no photos and the internet didn’t have too many references to offer.  The next day, we went to take a look at a Comet sunk up to its rocker panels in mud and entirely filled with parts.  The seller said the engine ran and the floors were perfect.  Sometimes, people are not honest.  Getting into it, I learned how much mold and rot can find their way into a car.

This project has taken a back seat to some of the more recent projects, however it is almost ready to start feeling attention again.  Once it moves under its own power again (with the help of a 302 cu.in. engine and 4-speed) the body will be finished.  Right now, the three things in the way of that are a clutch that needs adjustment, wiring which needs to be corrected, and an interior full of Bantam parts.  This was my first effort in welding, fabricating, swapping in a larger engine, and etc.  It really gave me an appreciation for the many craftsman in our hobby who have spent their lives honing their craft.  Will this Comet be perfect?  No, but it will get a new lease on life which it was very close to losing when I found her years ago.