American Bantam Brake Cables

Introducing our first major new parts offering, brake cables for 1938-1940 American Bantams.  The cables and their parts are machined and assembled entirely in the United States using original Bantam blue prints.  Some upgrades have been made including the usage of a stainless steel cable within the steel cable sheath to prevent the two from fusing together with age and moisture.

Here are some photos of a front cable test fitted onto my 1940 Bantam project:

The following are now available:

1938-1940 front brake cables

1938-1940 rear brake cables

1940 parking brake cables

cable adjuster nuts (these are used on each brake cable and also on the lever connecting the brake pedal to the brake equalizing bar)

clevis pins

Complete brake cable sets

If you are interested in a set of brake cables, please use the contact form below to make an inquiry: