Project Cars For Sale

Project Cars Currently For Sale – (For cars that are less project and more driver and show quality, please check the cars tab or click here.)

American Austin Projects:

1930 American Austin Roadster- MD

  New Listing Coming Soon!

 American Bantam Projects:

1938 Bantam Roadster

1938 Bantam Roadster

1939-1940 Bantam Coupe

1939-1940 Bantam Coupe

1940 Hollywood CO

1940 Hollywood CO


1938 Bantam Roadster – CT


1939 Bantam Station Wagon Project – NY


1939 Bantam Roadster – NY


1939 Bantam Pickup – NY


1939 Bantam Speedster – FL

American Bantam Roadster for sale side view

1940 Bantam Roadster – IL

Lead Sheets:

Lead sheets as below available with all contact information for $5 for a mailed (black and white) or emailed (Color) copy. For members of either American Austin/Bantam Club, these are free via email or $2 via US mail within the United States. Current edition updated October 12, 2017.

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1933 American Austin Roadster – AZ

1940 Bantam Hollywood Body – CA

1940 Bantam Pickup – NY

1939 Bantam Roadster Project Missouri

1939 Bantam Roadster Project Missouri

demonstrator, commerical, running chassis

1938 Rugged Chassis


1939 American Bantam Roadster


1940 Bantam Convertible Sedan

1931 Austin Roadster Project bantam

1931 American Austin Convertible


Bantam Coupe Body

31 austin tx

1931 American Austin Coupe -TX

1931 Roadster

1930 American Austin Roadster- MD

1931 coupe

1930 American Austin Roadster- MD

American Austin Grille

1930 American Austin Roadster- MD

austin 34 018

1939 American Bantam Panel – MI

austin 34 004

1934 American Austin Panel – MI

classic car project forsale complete engines body

1930 American Austin Coupe – PA


1938 Bantam Roadster – IN


1940 Bantam Roadster- FL

If you’re interested in advertising your car on this site or are looking for a particular car, please use the contact form below:

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