American Austin and Bantam

The American Austin Car Company was an American automobile manufacturing corporation based in Butler, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1929 and produced cars through 1934 although there are some models claimed to be built in 1935. The company filed bankruptcy, but was reorganized under the name American Bantam, resuming production for the 1938 model year. American Bantam produced civilian vehicles through 1940 with some exceptions, and created the jeep and subsequently turning its manufacturing towards the production of wartime necessities. The company emerged from the war to be purchased by other companies that still survive. Two clubs exist to support the enthusiasts of both the cars produced by American Austin and American Bantam.

Marque Market Place 

for sale, running driving fun farm home display bantam

Cars For Sale

1930 American Austin Roadster- MD

Project Cars For Sale


Bantam Hot Rods


Technical Literature

Sales Literature and Advertisements

Sales Literature, Advertisements, and Period Photos

NOS American Bantam Zenith Fuel Filter

Parts:  NOS, New, & Used

Club Support

Austin Bantam Society Logo Facebookabs american austin bantam club logo

Additional Resources

bill spear bantam page

WM Spear’s Bantam Site

Lynn James’ Site

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