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Do you have an American Austin or American Bantam that is sitting and taking up space at your house?  Maybe you have an extra car which isn’t getting enough love or your interests have changed, either way this website exactly what you are looking for.

At, we believe in ads that run until the car is sold, for the life of the website.  This helps you avoid relisting and monthly ad expenses that build until you eventually get frustrated and decide to keep the car.  Unlike other places where you can advertise your car, this website is currently set up to cater to two specific niches of the antique car hobby.  Your car will be visible to people who are looking for the type of car you are selling, people who are searching for you what you have seeking to fill a very specific vehicular desire.  If you were thinking about advertising in Hemmings Motor News, consider that advertises monthly in Hemmings as having numerous cars listed for sale.  So, by listing your car here, you are also getting the benefit of advertising your car in Hemmings.  Using search engine optimization, this website is usually at the top of the image results of many popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  This helps your car get the visibility it deserves as people click into the site and find your car.

With one of two easy payment options, you can list your car here and relax while waiting for interested buyers to start dialing your phone.  All you really need to do is write as in-depth of a description as you’d like and send it along with some photos of your car as well as your preferred contact information.

I craft an ad for your car from your words and photos.  This ad will include a contact form that will require any interested party to contact me first.  You may wonder what may be the benefit of screening potential buyers.  These days, the placement of your e-mail address on the internet opens you up to spammers and advertising your phone number lets people call you hoping to sell you their services rather than buy your car.

If you look at the classifieds on this website, you can see examples of how your car may look when listed or sold.

To advertise your car, you have the choice of two easy advertising fees.  The first is an upfront $40 fee, with nothing due upon selling.  The other option requires $0 up front, and a flat 3% commission of the final sale price due upon the sale of your vehicle to a buyer referred to you through

If you’re interested in advertising your car on this site or are looking for a particular car, please use the contact form below: